Top Ten Tuesday v 1 – Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

890bc-toptentuesday2Tuesday again and time for a new list challenge from The Broke and the Bookish .

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015 — bookish, blogging or otherwise!

I usually don’t do reaolutions but a few bookish goals for 2015 as I did for 2014 probably can’t hurt. Some will probably also be the same.

1. Be better at bloging – for periods of time this year I’ve successfully managed to blog every day, I would like this to actually be every day next year. Included in this is also being better att bloging about the books I read.

2. Read more for my own pleasure – this past year I’ve had periods when I’ve read a lot, an then there’s been no problem with having about four books per month that I had to read to complete challenges I’d entered. But the months when reading didn’t come as easy it didn’t really help to feel that I had to read a certain book. So less challenges, or at least less difficult ones.

3. Read more untried authors – this has actually been aided by challenges this year so they’re not all bad. There’s so many great authors out there and it’s good to try new ones and not just read your old favourites.

4. Cut down on randomly surfing the net – this is a though one since I during the fall this year have had to do this for my job, and it’s hard not to continue when you get home, especially since it’s been a new job in a previously untried field for me so I’ve had and wanted to learn all I can. But I could definately be more focused if and when I do that at home so I can spend more time reading books.

5. Be better at reading the books in my shelves instead of bringing home new ones – didn’t go so well this year to be honest, I suspect I have more unread books in my shelves now compared to a year ago (I’m scared to actually check). I will really try to be better at this.

6. Be better at comments – both commenting on other peoples blogs and on responding to comments here. Sometimes I’m just to tired but I think I probably need to find a special time each day or at least week when I can sit down and focus on it.

7. Read more books from other parts of the world – I tend to read books from the nordic countries, the UK and USA. I really want to read more books from contries I don’t know so much about, read about lives more different from my own.

8. Get back into audiobooks – I had a period in the beginning of the year when I read quite a few books this way and then it just stopped. A big part in this is probably that I went from having 30mins on a bus each way to work to having a 5mins walk. I will need to find other times to listen.

9. Be better at using the local library – I’ve actually made great progress with this one during the last year, but I can be better. I don’t have to own all the books I read, even if I want to, and there’s no room in my apartment for all of them either.

10. Rereading – I’ve been afraid to reread favourites because what if they’re not as good this time around? And then I reread the Harry Potter books this year and I loved them even more if possible. So as my last goal I’m going to say, don’t be afraid to reread, and actually try to reread some books. Right now I’m thinking Lord of the Rings and perhaps Ivanhoe.

A Very Happy 2015 to all my readers! May you all find the strength to pursue your dreams, bookish and otherwise 🙂

8 reaktioner på ”Top Ten Tuesday v 1 – Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

  1. I am terrible for going to the library. I like to own the books I read, I guess I am a real hoarder when it comes to books haha. Good luck with your goals.


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