Top Ten Tuesday v 42 – Top Ten Places Books Have Made Us Want To Visit

890bc-toptentuesday2Tuesday again and time for a new list challenge from The Broke and the Bookish .

 Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real)

1. I’ve always liked the legend of King Arthur and when I learned that there was an actual castle, Tintagel, connected to it I naturally wanted to go there. Something I got to do a few years ago.

2. After reading The Fault In Our Stars Amsterdam have come up as a place I’d love to visit. Plus there’s a lot of water, I like cities with lots of water in them.

3. The Highland scenery of the Outlander series is breathtaking and here I think I’d stick to the modern day version to avoid any troubles.

4. If the steampunk victorian London of the Parasol Protectorate series was real I would love to visit it, both because of the era and because of all the steampunk and supernatural stuff.

5. I would love to visit the Shire, and since you almost can today I’d say New Zealand.

6. Another place that I’ve been but would love to go back to because of a book is Edinburgh. Val McDermid’s version of Northanger Abbey makes me want to go there during the festival season, something I hope to be able to do someday.

7. Hogwarts feels like an obvious answer this week, no explanation needed 🙂

8. The books about Harry Hole by Nesbø makes me want to visit Norway even though he doesn’t really describe much of the country. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there briefly a few years ago and the books make me want to go back there.

9. New York is one of those cities that feels like it’s almost it’s own country. Several books have made me want to go there, the latest one being Christmas at Tiffany’s.

10. Winterfell before, or at least at the very beginning of the series when they are all happy and together.


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